November Nine 2014: Jacobson crowned “Champion”

The WSOP 2014 Champ is an European poker player! Everyone could have guessed it easily. Indeed, Sweden native Martin Jacobson bested the three-handed final table of the November Nine 2014. He defeated Felix Stephensen in the heads-up play. Playing the final poker hands, Jacobson shoved his 28,000 chips against Stephensen’s 170,000’. Stephensen was forced to smash it out with a colored A9. The shot remained vain though.

In addition to the title, Jacobson was awarded $ 10 million. Norway native Felix Stephensen fell to the runner-up while Dutchman Jorryt Van Hoof, yet bagging the chip lead at the start of the game, completed the podium. For some gambling/ poker analysts, the coronation of Martin Jacobson generated no great surprise, it was really predictable. This professional online poker player has won multiple poker trophy in major tournaments held worldwide. Excluding the 2014 WSOP’s prize, his overall earnings were estimated at $ 4 million.

Roulette: A multifaceted game

Currently, roulette is one of the most famous casino games. Whether you play it land-based or on online casinos, roulette game attracts a great number of gamblers and gaming fans. By putting your bet on a lucky number, the player can whirl the roulette wheel for a big prize. However, we must recognize that it is about a game of probabilities chances. Although a player is able to foresee the chances of getting the winning number, the certainty remains hidden.

To bypass this uncertainty, experts have created online roulette game, which is primarily designed to offer players the best odds to win in the long term. Fun and exciting, online casinos like Netbet propose its customers various gaming offers, preceded by roulette free bet bonus. As a game of strategy, coupled with its free roulette bonus, casino roulette games gain popularity among gamblers, especially those who like betting with their numbers of luck.

WSOP 2014: Larrabe qualified for the November Nine battle

The names of players qualified for the $ 10,000 2014 WSOP’s November Nine Main Event are now known. The list of lucky finalists includes the 22 years-old formidable poker player Andonni Larrabe. Larrabe is a well-known poker player in the Spanish Basque Country. Like many of his European professional colleagues, Larrabe immigrates to London. Larrabe is the second Spaniard to ever take part in a November Nine battle. The first is Carlos Mortensen nicknamed “El Matador”.

Mortesen hit the first prize in the WSOP 2001. Though we do not yet who will be the champion this year, many observers rank Larrabe among the top favorites for the title. He possesses greater assets heading to November 10, 2014. In fact, Mortensen is ranked fourth in terms of stack with his 22.5 million chips. After multiple tournaments on MTT online tables under the pseudonym “pollopopeye”, Larrabe now emerge as the new star of poker live in Spain.

NBA: LeBron James returns to Cleveland

“I go home,” these are the words pronounced by Lebron James to announce his return to Cleveland after four years in Florida. A piece of news which will upset online bets nba for the next season. In 2010, the King decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat, the franchise with which he won two titles. Four years later, the child of Ohio decides to find his homeland while making his contribution in the reconstruction of the team that drafted him in 2003. For the next season, a real change of bookmakers offers is expected.

King James had its moments of glory in Florida with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh’s side; they formed the Big Three of Miami, champion and MVP in 2012 and 2013. But he especially shone in the colors of the Cavaliers, finalist in 2006 against the same San Antonio Spurs and MVP in 2009 and 2010. For the next season, Cleveland will be able to rely on LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and the rookie Andrew Wiggins. The King wants to win a title in Cleveland while remaining realistic. It will not be for next year but NBA basketball fans and online sport betting can expect a very tough season at least in the Eastern Conference.

Who Will Be Top Goal Scorer at the World Cup 2014?

There are some brilliant players in this World Cup 2014. Throughout the tournament’s history we have seen some incredible players who have performed on the world stage and cemented their names in history. Some of the greatest players of all time have sowed their names into the history books with incredible World Cup performances. Players like Pele, Maradona, Puskas, Eusebio for example.

They are just some of the great players who will be remembered throughout history because of their performances in World Cup tournaments. Now the question is who will do something similar at the World Cup 2014? There are some truly great players at this World Cup who are capable of greatness. Players like Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar in particular.

All of these players are truly great players and all have the skills to do something amazing during this tournament. Neymar so far has been the pick of the bunch scoring four goals so far in the tournament. He is at the forefront of the Brazilian team and the one with the most pressure on his shoulders to perform. So far he has performed spectacularly.

Ronaldo has been blighted by poor preparation because of a knee injury prior to the weeks leading up the tournament. Messi on the other hand has actually been delivering for Argentina, something that he has struggled to do in the past. All three of these players have the potential to finish the tournament as top goal scorer. So far though Neymar is leading the race at the World Cup 2014.

Opening Game of the World Cup

The World Cup in Brazil is one of the biggest sporting tournaments in the world, if not the biggest sporting tournament in the world. The tournament has only just started but already we are seeing many scenes of high drama and brilliant sporting action.

The drama was aplenty after the first game in which there was a controversial refereeing decision that basically decided the outcome of the match. The opening match of the World Cup had the whole world watching especially because it was a game where the hosts Brazil played their first game of the tournament. A lot was expected of the Brazilian team and a lot was expected from this match, although Brazil won they didn’t do it in a convincing fashion.

As was expected though Brazilian star Neymar proved to be a handful for the Croatian team. He was the spark that really ignited the team and the match, especially after Brazil found themselves a goal down in the first half. Unfortunately though, a poor refereeing decision ended up being the major talking point at the end of this game.

In the end Brazil won the game 3-1 and Croatia can feel hard done by after that result. The Croatian team certainly held their own against a more fancied opponent and can take a lot away from their performance. Overall, it was an enthralling start to the World Cup and it has laid the foundation for what looks to be an exciting tournament.

Join an online poker game and win many bonuses!

Unlike land-based poker rooms, online poker sites propose to their customers a wide range of bonuses. Although some poker websites enable players to play free poker tournaments and provide them bonus that requires no deposit at all, other promotional offers are also displayed, ranging from initial deposit bonus, recommendation bonus , bonus on participating payment methods as well as the bonuses dedicated to VIP players.

It must be noted that each poker room is well-equipped in terms of online poker bonus offers so as to make every single game an interesting one. In addition, the amount of the bets made on each online poker game are getting higher and higher that some players have managed to ensure decent living thanks to online poker games. To find the best poker bonus, you simply need to visit specialized websites in offers-comparison in which those bonuses are classified according to their amount and validity period. To really take advantage of these bonuses, it is recommended to look at the rules on granting these promotions. And be quiet, you can compare various online poker operators offers before taking your decision on what online poker room to register!

Women European Basketball: France beaten in the final

The French woman team was beaten in the final of the Euro Basketball 2013 this Sunday at Orchies by the Spanish team. The “Braqueuses” have certainly good, dynamic and quality players, but it’s the Rojas who said the last word. Sport betting peaked during this unprecedented and exceptional showdown. Spain finally won in a narrow score of 70-69.

From the first minutes, the girls of Pierre Vincent had a hard time imposing their style of play; however, there was a moment of this game with a rare intensity during which the Olympic vice-champions showed their potential. Unfortunately, the Spanish were stronger. The players of Roja as Alba Torrens (21 pts, 4 assists) showed their potential. And with a relatively high number of faults with 18 turnovers in 40 minutes against 11 for their opponents, the team of Sandrine Gruda left a good chance to take home the trophy. On the web, many basketball fans choose online sport betting websites to follow this final.

Modeling for Regulated US Online Casino Industry

There is all kinds of speculation regarding a prospective US online casino industry, and while the US live casino business may have played their part in wanting UIGEA, things have certainly changed now. This massive US industry wants “in” in the “online” business; but one thing we can be certain of, if this ever comes about, the model is not going to be anything like it is in the UK. The fact that New jersey State is the first state to allow internet gambling in the form of online poker, may be a foot in the door. But there are a ton of restrictions to overcome, and whether this will make online poker a worthwhile business or not, still very much remains to be seen.

H2 have devised a model for US potential with regards a regulated internet gambling market, and have crunched all kinds of numbers for us. Remember these are predictions and assumptions based on computer models and much like computer generated models of weather patterns, no-one can tell if the model will come to fruition, unless it actually happens. They suggest a national gross win potentially of $22 billion annually provided sports betting is included in the numbers. This is projected to increase to as much as $42 billion by 2015. If they exclude sports betting then analogous figures are $14.4 billion increasing to $26.7 billion.

Additional research suggested that spend across all real money gambling online in the US, should be as high as $94 bullion during the first five years of regulation. This in turn, translated into FTE job years; adds up to a little below 159,750. Remember this is a five year period which creates an average of 19,420 direct jobs annually and 12,530 indirect, which means $57.5 billion expected income in domestic taxation. Excluding online sports betting from the equation again, still leads to a gross expenditure of $67 billion, with approximately 127,350 FTE job years and $30.8 billion in domestic tax.

They have taken these numbers and crunched them across the 12 largest US state markets, why not? Gambling is a numbers game, just like the job market and domestic tax income. The scenario points to the fact that regulated online gambling would be of benefit to the US. This study was to assess the complete fiscal picture in terms of the benefits of this industry to a US audience which is currently denied access in terms of UIGEA.

While research is often outcomes-based, H2 Gambling Capital is a leading provider of market intelligence regarding the gambling industry on a global scale. They are also regarded to be responsible for setting egaming industry standards. They have said that they used extreme prudence when forecasting this data and considered two “State Participation” levels. This is a lot of tax money, a lot of jobs and a lot to be considered, but whether it will cut the mustard and sell the online gambling concept where it matters – namely the US Federal Government, truly remains to be seen.

News from Canadian casino

3400 jobs are creating through the renovation of the Casino Bet

In these times of economic crisis, the construction permit for the casino de Montreal will be able to create 3400 jobs over four years. During the autumn will begin the remodelling of the main atrium and some changes will be realised in the sector of high stakes. During construction, the Casino will continue to greet its customers that are 16,000 visitors a day. Planning construction has been prepared in order of not annoying customers during their visit. Losses due to work may be estimated at 34 million over four years, but these renovations will allow Loto-Québec to get an exceed benefit of 60 million per year by 2014, regarding the prediction of Alain Cousineau.

“We believe that among these 60 million, 24 million will come from a better quality of the establishment. There will be no more queues, especially at restaurants. We will improve our ability to retain customers with high stakes, which should bring us 21 million, while 12 million will come from new customers in the region and outside. ”

The investment is 305.7 million over five years: 41 million this year, 110 million in 2010, 45 million in 2011, 47 million in 2012 and 63 million in 2013, scheduled for the end of the work. The Casino de Montréal has realised a turnover of 532.6 million in 2008.

According to Charles Lapointe, president and CEO of the Tourism of Montreal, this is“very good news”. “When you look outside the casino, it’s a pretty magical place,” he said. It is important to have top quality equipment for our citizen and our tourists. The investment seems correct. With the amounts pledged, we will be able to do something very remarkable. ”

Strike from the doormen of the casino of Montreal

Security officers at the Casino de Montreal have left work at 4.45 pm yesterday for a short strike of five hours and fifteen minutes. Management didn’t seem to have appreciated the strike because it was subsequently declared a lockout.

At the time of going to press, the activities were taking place normally at the Casino. According to information available, managers had to take over the union to assure the security of the establishment.

Employees Union League of casinos of Quebec, affiliated with the CSN, said security guards had occupied the administration offices during their walkout. They wanted to give this warning shot because of the “intransigence” of the employer.

The issue of working hours is the main reason for rejecting the tentative agreement reached on the 1st of August for the security unit. No trading session has been held since Monday. The union still hoped to reach an agreement before tomorrow morning, the time fixed by the General Assembly of the security unit to trigger a general strike if no agreement is reached by then.

On the 17th of August, nearly 18 months after the expiration of their collective agreement, members of the security unit have voted in a proportion of 94.3%, triggering walkouts for a limited time if negotiations are not progressing and a general strike from tomorrow if no tentative agreement is reached by then, which seems likely. The union has about 200 members.